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  • All doom, no gloom (13 March 2019)

    Waikato graduate Shoshana Sachi has cracked Hollywood. She currently writes for TV show Doom Patrol, starring Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton.

  • From Chicago law to professional rugby in Scotland, Mungo’s in boots and all (13 March 2019)

    Tauranga law student Mungo Mason may miss his graduation ceremony but it's for a good cause - he's pursuing a professional rugby career in his homeland of Scotland.

  • Embracing future-focussed learning (11 March 2019)

    Taumata School in Tauranga advocates the sort of innovative education environment that drew University of Waikato teaching graduates Dan Priest and Sjaan McDivitt to become founding teachers.

  • Tauranga early childhood student’s heart of gold (14 January 2019)

    Tauranga mother of six Charlotte Hartley, who was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Adult Learner’s Award and TeachNZ Scholarship last year, returns to study a Master of Teaching and Learning.

  • Bittersweet celebration for graduating soulmates (17 December 2018)

    Whanganui River couple, Tim and Maggie Pauro, graduated at Te Kohinga Mārama Marae last week with a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary – Mixed Media Presentation (MMP).

  • Leaving a WSU legacy (13 December 2018)

    Nexus editor Lyam Buchanan and WSU President Candra Pullon both graduated from the University of Waikato this week, each leaving a student legacy and long list of achievements behind them.

  • Ko wai au I te Ao, I te Poo? (10 December 2018)

    Getting her Masters degree before 50 was one of many challenges this grad has met.

  • Dream job, no loan (6 December 2018)

    Next week’s graduation will be special for Golden Jubilee Scholar Anna Caudwell, who will graduate without a student loan and with a long list of academic and personal achievements to look back on.

  • Dancing from the heart (3 December 2018)

    December’s graduation ceremony will mark the end of an academic journey and the start of a year-long travel adventure for 21-year-old dancer Courtney Richmond.

  • Antarctica, a degree and a business too (30 November 2018)

    Nick Humphries, graduating after action-packed study years.

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