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  • Bittersweet celebration for graduating soulmates (17 December 2018)

    Whanganui River couple, Tim and Maggie Pauro, graduated at Te Kohinga Mārama Marae last week with a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary – Mixed Media Presentation (MMP).

  • Leaving a WSU legacy (13 December 2018)

    Nexus editor Lyam Buchanan and WSU President Candra Pullon both graduated from the University of Waikato this week, each leaving a student legacy and long list of achievements behind them.

  • Ko wai au I te Ao, I te Poo? (10 December 2018)

    Getting her Masters degree before 50 was one of many challenges this grad has met.

  • Dream job, no loan (6 December 2018)

    Next week’s graduation will be special for Golden Jubilee Scholar Anna Caudwell, who will graduate without a student loan and with a long list of academic and personal achievements to look back on.

  • Dancing from the heart (3 December 2018)

    December’s graduation ceremony will mark the end of an academic journey and the start of a year-long travel adventure for 21-year-old dancer Courtney Richmond.

  • Antarctica, a degree and a business too (30 November 2018)

    Nick Humphries, graduating after action-packed study years.

  • How to live a legacy (30 November 2018)

    PhD student Season-Mary Downs has been given an award from the Māori Law Association to recognise her work in the Northland community.

  • Packing a political punch (19 October 2018)

    In an effort to increase the number of young New Zealanders voting, social enterprise Seed Waikato organised a political panel event at the University of Waikato last week.

  • Hard work bears fruit for Waikato graduate (4 October 2018)

    Lauren Werrey works as a Bear Manager at Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, looking after 178 bears rescued from wildlife traders and poachers.

  • Return to sender (27 September 2018)

    Home after 14 years: a library book’s epic journey.

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