A ‘Glimpse’ of Waikato talent

31 October 2017

Waikato alumni Jeremy Mayall and Dan Inglis at the third annual Arohanui film festival last weekend

University of Waikato alumni Jeremy Mayall and Dan Inglis debuted their new multi-media artwork Glimpse at the third annual Arohanui film festival last weekend. Glimpse is an innovative piece, incorporating live music, projected video and soundscape.

The Arohanui film festival, which was held in Te Aroha, spanned over three days and featured 32 screenings, including seven world premieres.

Glimpse premiered on October 28, and provided audiences with a live audio-visual experience to remember. Created by composer Jeremy Mayall and film-maker Dan Inglis, Glimpse combines experimental film concepts and contemporary art music, blurring the line between conventional cinema and pure concert music.

The secondary screening was held at Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on October 29, a fitting location for two University of Waikato alumni to display their art.

Jeremy Mayall graduated from the University of Waikato with a Master of Music in 2007, before returning to complete his composition doctorate in 2010. He says his studies have helped him to gain the practical skills he uses in his work now.

“My time at the University of Waikato certainly helped with my understanding of composition, from Bachelors to PhD. Since then, my work has been developing through the work Dan and I have made together,” says Jeremy.

Dan Inglis has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waikato, majoring in Screen and Media studies. In 2009, he founded Luminis Limited, a company that specialises in photography, video production and photograph restoration and alteration. He enjoys his work because no two days are the same.

“I enjoy the range of interesting and creative projects the variety of my work provides,” says Dan. “My BA provided me with a broad base of knowledge across a variety of interests, and helped me develop solid communication skills, which are vital in my line of work.”

The two talented alumni say the highlight of the creative process was collaborating with each other to develop the multi-media artwork.

“The collaboration process has been really satisfying, says Dan. “I feel our collaborative projects work best when the video and music elements integrate seamlessly – I think that has worked very well with Glimpse.”