Past graduation programmes

Each year, hundreds of new alumni join our community at graduation ceremonies. You can view copies of the University of Waikato's graduation programmes from 1967.

Library and database access

Alumni can join the Library free of charge. This includes in-person borrowing and access to a set of Library databases specifically licensed for alumni use.

Wear Waikato proud

Show your friends you are Waikato proud with merchandise and memorabilia. Choose from hoodies, tracksuits, accessories or get one of each.

Careers and employment services

Careers Development Services offer a range of career development tools to support and enhance your employability skills and to refine your personal brand.

Academic transcripts

Alumni can access digital versions of academic transcripts and graduation documents through the My eQuals platform or by contacting Student Services.

Further study

Whether you want to gain new professional qualifications, pursue a personal ambition or change your career, the University has plenty of options for further study.