Getting to know: Michael Fitzgerald

Michael is our Alumni Representative in Santiago, Chile. If you're in the area and keen to catch up, send him an email:

What did you study and when did you graduate?
Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in marketing and international management. I graduated in 2003.

Where do you live?
Santiago, Chile.

What do you do now?
I'm a business development manager for a New Zealand business - Convex Plastics.

What is the best thing about where you live?
We have great weather and I'm very close to the coast (for the beach), then less than an hour to get to the mountains (for the snow).

And the worst?
The pollution and traffic jams.

What do you miss about Waikato?
Family, friends, rugby, mince pies, and Waikato Draught!

Best piece of advice you were ever given?
Enjoy the ride and do your best.

Favourite book/TV programme/movie/band?
My Invented Country by Isabel Allende/rugby and sports programmes/The Godfather/Pearl Jam, Rush, Bush and heaps more.

Do you catch up with fellow alumni where you are?
I catch up with lots of Kiwis from all of the NZ universities. In March 2016 it will be the first Santiago-based alumni get-together.

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